13 of the Coolest Living Room Artpieces You've Probably Never Seen

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Who doesn't love sprucing up their living room? Check out our hand-curated selection of 13 room decorations that will surely blow your mind!

1. Pacific Wave

Pacific Wave Art

2. Bold America

Bold America Art

3. Soldier Freedom

Soldier Freedom Art

4. Jimi Hendrix Pop

Jimi Hendrix Pop Art

5. Artistic Lion's Head

Artistic Lion's Head Art

6. Artsy Buddha

Artsy Buddha Art

7. Brave Firefighter

Brave Firefighter Art

8. Buddha Silence

Buddha Silence Art

9. Celestial Tree

Celestial Tree Art

10. Sunset Fishing Dock

Sunset Fishing Dock Art

11. Buddha Vintage

Buddha Vintage Art

12. Beatles "Fab Four"

Beatles "Fab Four" Art

13. "Riding the Wave"

"Riding the Wave" Art

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