Adorable Furniture and Decor for a Bohemian-Inspired Living Room

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If you're the artistic type who loves to experiment, explore and reinvent things, then the bohemian design trend may be best for your living room. This design evokes a picture of hippies, gypsies, artists and other free-spirited individuals who live an unconventional life. A bohemian inspired living room is filled with lots of patterns, colors, and textures without following a certain rule in home designing.

If you're ready to decorate your home with a bohemian look, check out some of these adorable bohemian inspired living room furniture and decors.

Bright Orange Stool

There are no rules to play when you decorate your home with the bohemian design trend, but jewel tones like fiery orange, saturated purple, and other bright colors are pretty common.

This Parkdale Bright Orange/White Stool would make for a perfect stool for your bohemian living room. It’s made from plush polyethylene and distinctly handcrafted for a sophisticated and casual look, perfect for your bohemian style living space.

Colorful Handwoven Throw

Mix and match lots of patterns. Do not be afraid to include colors that would otherwise not go together in a conventional style of decorating.

Layer some furniture with colorful throws, such as this Spirit Orange/Blue Throw. Made from the finest cotton material, this colorful throw is beautifully handwoven, featuring rich pattern and design.

Vintage Coffee Table

In a bohemian design trend, each and every piece of furniture tells a story regardless of what it looks like. Thus, the most common furniture that you'll find in a bohemian inspired living room are those furniture items collected over time.


This Vintage Coffee Table would be great for your bohemian living room. Made from recycled pine panels, this table is highly durable and can make your living space to stand out.

Colorful Area Rug

Mix lots of patterns in your bohemian inspired living room and opt for something that has fringe on it, from curtains, pillows, and rugs. Choose a rug with vibrant colors and bold pattern.


This Kokoda Darby Red/Blue Area Rug is great for living rooms with the bohemian design trend. It features traditional flatweave design with vibrant colors and bold patterns. This reversible area rug is made from wool and cotton and is highly durable.

Bohemian Ottoman

Be creative when decorating your living room with furniture. Don't be afraid to bring in rich and bold colors of any hue. You can go bold with any pattern that you love.

This Bohemian Ottoman Red best depicts a bohemian design trend. Made from a finely carved wooden base that's upholstered with colorful geometric patterns, this exquisite ottoman is perfect for any bohemian inspired living space.

Oversized Oil Painting

Pay close attention to your living room walls when decorating your space. Express your creativity on your walls, perhaps in the form of an oversized oil painting with abstract and eye-popping geometric patterns.

This Tomorrow Oversized Oil On Canvas can certainly make your living room to stand out. Featuring diverse colors and characters, this painting can best define the boho chic in you.

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